Geriatric Dentistry in Nursing Homes

Maintaining oral health plays an essential role in the general health and wellbeing of elderly people. As people age, the requirement for dental care actually increases, with the prevalence of gum disease, as well as its severity, increasing with age.

Golden Age Dental Care provides convenient, compassionate dental care for the elderly in nursing homes in Southern California. Our commitment, integrity, professional expertise and level of service to our clients is second to none.

Geriatric Dentistry in Nursing Homes

The needs of elderly nursing home residents when it comes to dental care differ in some ways from those of the general population. While regular dental health checks and maintenance of oral health are crucial at every stage of life, elderly people have some unique issues relating to dental care:

  • Poor dental health has an adverse effect on overall health
  • Increased rates of disease for the teeth and gums in seniors
  • Accessibility and mobility concerns
  • Chronic health conditions and medications impact oral health
  • Compromised ability to self-maintain oral health and dental care

Older people are far more likely to experience issues with teeth, gums, and dentures. These can negatively impact general wellbeing in an array of ways:

  • Pain and related dental issues such as tooth loss can impact eating, leading to compromised nutrition
  • Dry mouth due to aging and medications can affect speaking, eating, appearance, and self-esteem
  • Poor dental appearance and bad breath can lead to low confidence and social isolation
  • Poor oral health can directly impact on other conditions including heart disease, diabetes, and pneumonia
  • Dentures can wear and the mouth can alter over time, so dentures may need adjustment or replacement after a few years.

At Golden Age Dental Care, we provide the ultimate service when it comes to geriatric dentistry in nursing homes. We enable elderly people in nursing homes and their carers to maintain good oral hygiene, maintain a healthy mouth, and ensure that dentures fit properly and are kept in good repair.

We are the longest-established and most trusted provider of mobile dental services for nursing homes in Southern California. Established more than thirty years ago, we have a strong passion for and commitment to honoring the dignity of our patients.

We are highly qualified, expert dentists and we offer a full suite of dental services for elderly nursing home residents as well as those in retirement, aged care, and independently-living circumstances.

We understand the unique needs of our patients when it comes to geriatric dentistry.

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