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Golden Age Is Experienced, Passionate, And Personable

1. Golden Age is experienced, passionate, and personable

  • Since 1988, Golden Age has been meeting the dental needs of Southern California’s care facilities with the unique level of care demanded by their residents
  • Six passionate staff dentists, with over a century of experience between them
  • Multi-lingual staff to ensure everybody is cared for
  • Personable care, aware of the whole person and their emotional and mental health, not just their oral health
  • Up to date with technology and the latest advances in mobile dentistry

2. Golden Age is available, with scheduling that’s second to none

  • Golden Age was built upon the finest, most flexible scheduling processes in the industry
  • We independently monitor the schedules of each and every patient in each and every facility, and we know exactly who’s due for their next cleaning
  • Extra fast response time – while other providers take days, even weeks, to visit their patients, we often visit within 24 hours, or even on the same day. Nobody in the industry comes even close to this!
  • Even though we’ve grown to serve well over 10,000 patients annually, our front desk still answers phone calls by hand, developing caring relationships with everyone we work with
  • We’re easy to get a hold of, and are willing to consult with family members
Golden Age Is Available, With Scheduling That’s Second To None
Golden Age Genuinely Cares As Your Partner In Managing Dental Care

3. Golden Age genuinely cares as your partner in managing Dental Care

  • We provide comprehensive care, including diagnostic, preventative, cleanings, denture care, and even surgical procedures. This is all performed at the patient’s bedside, with allowances for mobility, and care for their mental and emotional wellbeing.
  • We provide simple yet thorough reporting so that you always know what we are doing
  • We ensure all records are accurate and aligned, and provide regular reports to your facility and the State Services department, making sure every resident meets the guidelines for State surveys
  • We handle all insurance matters, and will liaise with facility staff and even family members

4. Golden Age has its own denture lab, and is expert in the field

  • In-house denture lab with decades of experience
  • Accurately designed dentures with the highest level of quality control
  • Fast turn-around, often delivering dentures within 10 days of order, if not sooner!
Golden Age Has Its Own Denture Lab, And Is Expert In The Field
Golden Age Values Continuous Development And Ongoing Education

5. Golden Age values continuous development and ongoing education

  • We are in dentistry to make a difference
  • We provide regular in-service learning opportunities for facility staff and are always available to help
  • We work with the community at large, including schools and community groups, to promote oral hygiene and even help shape legislation for elderly and immobile populations.