Mobile Dentistry for Nursing Homes

Phenomenal health into and through old age is the key to comfortable, happy, and rewarding years as a senior. A big part of achieving this is through maintaining clean, strong, functional teeth and optimum oral health.

Nursing home residents have unique dental and oral health needs. They may:

  • Struggle to maintain optimal oral hygiene
  • Rely on caregivers to manage or prevent dental disease
  • Have few or no natural teeth
  • Suffer mucosal issues related to their dentures
  • Are more likely to experience tooth decay, missing teeth, pain and infection

Maintaining oral health is crucial for the quality of life, general health, social interactions, eating, and communicating.

Golden Age Dental Care is the oldest, most trusted provider of mobile dentistry for nursing homes in Southern California. Established more than thirty years ago, we have a strong passion for and commitment to honoring the dignity of our patients.

We are not only highly qualified, expert dentists. We also have deep empathy for and understanding of the needs of nursing home residents and their unique requirements when it comes to nursing home dental care.


Nursing Home Dental Services

Here at Golden Age Dental Care, we are committed to providing the ultimate in nursing home dental:

  • Providing patients with:
    • Comprehensive dental services – tooth cleaning, extractions, restorations, denture care, emergency same-day visits
    • Improved health outcomes
    • Convenience
    • Comfort
    • Friendly, reliable, hands-on care
  • Assisting carers by:
    • Saving time
    • Reducing compliance load
    • Providing in-service education
    • Maximizing patient health and wellbeing

For the very best in nursing home dental services, look no further than Golden Age Dental Care. We work with nursing home staff and carers to achieve the very best outcomes for residents in terms of ongoing dental care that is delivered with compassion, commitment to service, innovation and integrity. From elderly patients to those with special needs, we genuinely see each of our patients as a valued individual and the solutions we provide are customized to each.


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