Mobile Dental Clinic

Maintaining great oral and dental health is an intrinsic part of ongoing health and wellbeing. As we age, however, it can become challenging to get to the dentist. This can be due to issues with mobility, transport, and the need for carers to assist.

This is where Golden Age Dental Care’s mobile dental services in Southern California are so highly recommended.


Who Needs Mobile Dental Services?

The body changes as we age, and this includes the mouth and teeth. The flow of saliva naturally diminishes, as does a person’s capacity to maintain optimal daily hygiene, which can be compromised by arthritis, pain, and cognitive issues that are related to aging.

These issues can also impact younger people who are physically or mentally handicapped or who have suffered a significant injury or illness.

With compromised dental care and oral health, teeth can break down. This is turn causes pain and infection, as well as a potential array of wider health problems including diabetes and heart disease.

Mobile dental services play a huge role in providing real solutions for people who are unable to make it to a dental clinic. This includes:

  • Aged Care Residents
  • Hospital Patients
  • Residents of Care Homes
  • Elderly people living in their own homes
  • People who are handicapped
  • People with mobility issues
  • People with chronic illnesses
  • People who are bed-bound


Choose us as your Mobile Dentist

At Golden Age Dental Care, our mobile dental clinic delivers gold-standard care. We travel to our patient’s location,whether it is a private residence, an aged care facility, or other, and we make the lives of our patients as well as their carers much easier in terms of dental care.

As the top mobile dentist in Southern California, we are highly committed to providing unparalleled service with care and compassion. Our utmost aim is to provide the most technologically and medically-advanced solutions that maintain the function and comfort of our patients. From regular dental checks to maintenance care, denture care, fillings and extractions, and emergency care, we are here to help.

When you choose Golden Age Dental Care, you rest assured that you or the person you care for is getting superior care from the very best dental care team in California. Call us today to learn more.